aerial view of a downtown

Financial Assistance

Downtown Facade Improvement Program

PROGRAM PURPOSE: To offer incentives and assistance to property owners in the downtown target area to make exterior improvements that leave a lasting impression on our visitors

PROGRAM GOALS: Improve the visual appearance and aesthetics of Main Street by create a historic downtown feeling, Revitalize Main Street by encouraging a ‘historic’ style of architecture in the downtown target area, Restore buildings to historic appearance as closely to historic photos when possible (1878-1948)

ELIGIBLE PROPERTIES: Eligible properties must be located within the six-block downtown area of which the boundaries are 15th Ave. on the west, 17th Ave on the east, 13th St on the south and 16th Street on the north with preference to frontage on Main Street and 14th Street within the boundary area

FREE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Technical assistance, historic architectural services and design renderings by a professional will be provided by the City for a project proposal and preliminary cost estimate to determine best design for the property

Rock Valley Downtown

RVDEC Revolving Loan Fund

Rock Valley Economic Development Corp (RVDEC) has a revolving loan fund available to fund new or existing projects ranging from industrial to retail ventures. The purpose of the revolving loan fund is to provide “gap” financing (funds that cannot be secured from other sources or satisfactory terms that would allow the project to materialize. To incentivize larger investment projects to occur that support RVEDC’s development objectives.

View the revolving Loan fund application and if there are questions, please contact one of our local lenders or David Miller, Development Director at 712.476.5707.

State of Iowa Financial Assistance Programs

The State of Iowa can support business growth through direct financial assistance and tax incentives. A variety of business development programs are available through the State of Iowa. For further information on the State of Iowa Financial Assistance Programs, please click on the link below.

Iowa Financial Assistance Programs

Iowa Manufacturing 4.0

Tax Increment Financing

The City of Rock Valley has several designated Urban Renewal Areas or Tax Increment Financing Areas. If your business is located in one of those areas, it may be eligible for public improvement financing that uses the additional, or incremental taxes that the project will generate to help finance the cost of the project. For more information contact David Miller, Development Director.

Tax Exemptions

Also called Tax Abatement. Under some circumstances, and within certain pre-defined geographical areas, the City of Rock Valley has the authority to abate property taxes that are to be paid on improvements to property within the area. For more information contact David Miller, Development Director.