June 2024 Flood Information

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Governor Reynolds today announced that the state’s Disaster Recovery Temporary Housing Program has received approval from FEMA and applications are now open.

“In the course of eight weeks, Iowa was hit with three extreme weather systems, impacting more than 5,000 homes, of which, it's estimated that more than 2,000 were destroyed,” said Governor Reynolds. “There is no more urgent need than ensuring displaced Iowans have temporary housing in the communities they call home while they recover and rebuild.”

As the governor announced last week in a press conference, the program provides temporary housing, which may include recreational vehicles and travel trailers, for up to six months at no cost for Iowans whose homes were majorly damaged, destroyed, or deemed not habitable in counties currently under a federal disaster declaration.

The following counties are currently eligible: Adair, Adams, Buena Vista, Cedar, Clay, Emmet, Jasper, Lyon, Montgomery, Obrien, Plymouth, Polk, Sioux, and Story. The recovery process and damage assessments are still ongoing and additional counties may become eligible.

Iowans whose primary residence is in a qualifying county must first apply for FEMA disaster assistance to be eligible for the program. You can register for FEMA Individual Assistance in the following ways:

· Visit DisasterAssistance.gov

· Call FEMA directly at 800-621-FEMA (3362)

· Download and use the FEMA app

· Visit any Disaster Recovery Center to apply or get application assistance

Homeowners must also have filed a claim with their insurance company and have received final approval or denial of their claim. Applicable FEMA and insurance documentation is requested as part of the application process, including, but not limited to their FEMA Individual Assistance case number.

Applications are open now at DisasterRecovery.iowa.gov. Additionally, a call center will be open beginning Wednesday, July 17, at 3 p.m., to assist Iowans who may not have access to a computer and those who may need general assistance. Beginning Thursday, July 18, the call center will be open daily, including Saturday and Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. TTY and translation services are available.

To apply for the Disaster Recovery Temporary Housing Program:

· Go to DisasterRecovery.iowa.gov to complete an application

· Call Center: (608) 480-8808 or toll-free at (833) 307 6030

o Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM -8:00 PM; 7 days a week

o TTY and Translation services are available

For more information on disaster-related programs and resources available to Iowans, visit DisasterRecovery.iowa.gov.

A Town Hall meeting was held at Trinity CRC on Tuesday, July 16. Terry Brown, who manages property acquisition projects for the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, discusses the Hazard Mitigation Home Buyout Program. If you would like to watch a recording of the meeting, you can do so here.

You can find the handout that was given out at the meeting here.

Those who have been affected by the flood can find helpful resources here.

FEMA will be setting up at Disaster Recovery Center at the Rock Valley City Park Shelter House today, July 3rd. They will be able to help with disaster relief and assistance.


City Park Shelter House

1013th 13th Avenue

Rock Valley, IA 51247

Hours: 1pm to 6pm on July 3rd 8am to 6pm daily until further notice


The city wants to make residents aware of scams that are already happening online and in town. People are pretending to be Red Cross Volunteers & FEMA workers and they are asking for social security numbers and personal information. Please be cautious of links and emails AND people who are showing up to town.

Legitimate Red Cross and FEMA will all have vests, lanyards, IDs, etc. you can ask to see all their credentials. This is ridiculous we know but we want to keep the public safe from this issue as well.

If you have questions check out the post on our social media that links to our website RESOURCE PAGE.

The City is excited to announce that we have a second well up and running! This means that all water restrictions EXCEPT watering lawns have been lifted! Please continue to wait to water your lawn until further notice.

We are continuing to repair our additional wells and tests are being run daily so that we can return to normal as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Please respond ASAP! The city continues to organize information to identify and assess current challenges, issues, and needs of all of our residents and households related to recent flooding.

The information will be used immediately to direct response, troubleshoot issues, request assistance and guide recovery efforts. Your input & information is critical!

This is the first of 3-4 assessments that will be issued over the coming days, weeks and months to help ensure that the City of Rock Valley and service providers are in direct communication with you and your household. Any resident of Rock Valley is encouraged to fill out this form:

Residentes de la Ciudad de Rock Valley Unidad de Impacto y Respuesta a las Inundaciones

La ciudad sigue organizando información para identificar y evaluar los desafíos, problemas, y necesidades actuales de todos los residentes y hogares con respeto a las inundaciones recientes.
Esta información se utilizará inmediatamente para dirigir servicios de respuesta, diagnosticar y resolver problemas, pedir ayuda, y guiar los esfuerzos de recuperación.

El presente enlace es la primera de 3 a 4 evaluaciones que se expedirán durante los próximos días, semanas, y meses para asegurar que la ciudad de Rock Valley y los proveedores de servicio están en comunicación directa con usted y su familia.



Red and yellow signs are currently being hung on homes.





This signage does NOT condemn your home, this is a visual inspection, which means, is it safe to enter or not. There is a phone number on the signs to call with questions. The Iowa Department of Public Safety is conducting these inspections.

The Volunteer Check In is now located at the Rock Valley City Office during business hours. If you need to record ours that were worked outside of business hours, you can stop by during the day and record them from a previous date, or you can call during business hours.

If you are a home owner in Rock Valley, and need more volunteers to help clean up, please call this number to get more volunteers sent your way. Thank you.

Hotline number: 712-227-1136


  • Garbage will be picked up according to our regular city schedule for non-affected homes. View the schedule here.


  • PO Boxes and CBUs go to the south side of the building to get a key issued and get the box location.
  • Blue boxes located in the alley are being checked daily for outgoing mail.

  • Mobile unit can now perform all retail tasks.

  • If you are in the flooded area they are going to TRY and begin delivering mail if your mailbox is still there and they are able to deliver it.

  • For all other mail questions please reach out to Sioux Center Post Office 712-722-3437

Justice For All is now running to Donation Center in Rock Valley. Please contact them with any item donation questions.

Monetary Donations

The city of Rock Valley has received many inquires about making monetary donations for the flood victims. You can drop off or mail a check written out to FRIENDS OF ROCK VALLEY to People's Bank or Premier Bank in Rock Valley.

People's Bank - 1230 Valley Drive, Rock Valley Iowa 51247
Premier Bank - 1004 21st Avenue, Rock Valley Iowa 51247


We have the online donation links available!

PAYPAL - https://www.paypal.com/donate/...

VENMO - https://account.venmo.com/u/friendsofrv

These are the only 2 links to the VERIFIED Rock Valley donation account.
Thank you so very much for your generosity.

The City of Rock Valley is towing abandoned vehicles that were left on the streets to the east side business park near the GrandStay Hotel & Suites Rock Valley, IA. You may go to collect the belongings from your vehicles there.

Please make plans to dispose of your vehicle in the coming weeks. K & J Body Shop will not be billing for their towing services. Here are a few options on how to dispose of your vehicle.

. 1. You can reach out to a salvage yard in the area to find out if they are interested. Moon River Auto in Doon has offered to pick your vehicle up and will make you an offer to purchase it. You can reach out to them via phone or text message at 712-717-6775.

2. You may pick the vehicle up yourself and take it wherever you’d like. We just ask that you reach out to us K& J Body Shop and let us know you are taking it so they can mark it off of their list.

3. You can reach out to Post Metal Recycling at 712-476-4501. They will pick your vehicle up and bring it to their facilities to be scrapped. They will offer you scrap metal price for your vehicle.

The City of Rock Valley will continue posting daily updates with important information and reminders on their social media page. You can also view the daily updates here.