Government Officials

City Council

The Rock Valley City Council is made up of 5 voting members and the Mayor who serve our local community. They meet twice a month to discuss, plan, adjust, and implement city policies. City Council typically meets on Thursdays at 4pm in the Council Chambers located in the Rock Valley City Office. Council members serve 4-year terms and half of the council is up for re-election every two years. If you'd like more details about upcoming council meetings, please call the City Office at 712-476-5707.

Rod De Kam

Council Member

Char Granstra

Council Member

Mark Faber

Council Member

Jeff Koldenhoven

Council Member (Mayor Pro Tem)

Jeremy Van't Hul

Council Member

Sioux County Officials

Sioux County Officials serve at the County level in a variety of different ways. For more information about the Sioux County Government, click here.

Rob Klocke

Sioux County Conservation Board Director

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Nathan Huizenga

Sioux County Emergency Management

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Micah Van Maanen

Sioux County Information Technology

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Shane Walter

Sioux County Community Services

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Deb Fisher

Clerk of Court

Roger A. Johnson

Sioux County Veteran's Affairs

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Sioux County Board of Supervisors

Similar to a local city council, the county also has a Board of Supervisors who serve as policymakers for the county. They help with a variety of county programs and serve a 4 year term.

210 Central Avenue SW
P.O.Box 18
Orange City, IA 51041


John Degen

1st District

Jerry Muilenburg

2nd District

Dan Altena

3rd District

Craig Hoftyzer

4th District

Carl Vande Weerd

5th District

State Representatives

Our State Representatives serve in the Iowa House of Representatives and Iowa Senate in Des Moines.

Federal Representatives

Our Federal Representatives serve at a national level in the United States House of Representatives and Senate in Washington, D.C. Iowa has two Senators and four representatives in the House of Representatives. Below you'll find the Senators and Representative who serves our district.

Randy Feenstra

United States Representative