Book Character Pumpkin Contest

October 17, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am
Rock Valley Public Library —
Rock Valley, Iowa 51247

Choose a book, ideally one that you've read, and pick one character from the book to focus on. Then choose a pumpkin and decorate it. Paint it, glue things to it, get creative and have fun (no carving please)! The pumpkin can be real or plastic, whichever you prefer. Just don't pick one too heavy that you can't carry. Bring your pumpkin to the library Monday, October 17th thru Wednesday the 19th. There will be a registration sheet to fill out noting which book character you've selected. Book character pumpkins will be on display in the library and voting will take place Thursday the 20th thru Saturday the 22nd. Pumpkins can be picked up anytime the following week.