Westview Business Park & Residential Development

Rock Valley Economic Development has been hard at work developing Rock Valley’s Business Parks and housing developments. Rock Valley Economic Development realizes the importance of business and residential development for the long term success of the town.

Westview Business Park & Residential Development was an outlying agriculture parcel near Rock Valley, a rural community located in Sioux County, in Northwest Iowa. In the late 1990’s, Rock Valley Economic Development Corp. (RVEDC) purchased the property and partnered with the City of Rock Valley to develop commercial and residential expansion opportunities.

Over the 20+ year development history, RVEDC has partnered with the Iowa Department of Transportation for infrastructure improvements and highway connections using RISE Funding, utility providers to install and provide power and technology to the new developments, and Northwest Iowa Community College Heavy Equipment Program for site development and job training programs.

Continued Growth

Over 35 businesses call the Westview Business Park home, of which 22 were new start-ups, with the remaining relocating from within the community for expansion opportunities. Businesses utilized Tax Increment Financing (TIF) with the City of Rock Valley to offset the cost of land and construction costs. Most of the businesses also partnered with local and utility owned revolving loan funds, as well as leveraged local, state, and federal loans, grants and other programs. The new and expanding businesses also partnered to use 260E and 260F programs administered through Northwest Iowa Community College.

Rock Valley’s success as a growing rural community is attributed to the many partnerships and programs available to the community, and its businesses. Without the partnership for RISE Funding, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Property Tax Abatement, 260E and High-Quality Jobs program as well as other economic development tools, the high development costs would be passed directly to the businesses, who would struggle to secure necessary financing to start-up, expand and be successful in a rural community.

Rock Valley Westview Business Park