Welcome to Rock Valley

Are you new to town? Welcome! We’re so happy to have you in our community! We hope you come to love our town as much as we do. Rock Valley is a thriving community with lots to offer. As you get settled, here are a few helpful tips.

Let's take care of logistics

Stop by the Rock Valley City Office to set up your utilities and garbage pickup. You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you might have and you’ll get a welcome packet. If you have any pets, you can also register them while at the City Office.

Get to know the town

After stopping by the City Office, we’d encourage you to check out downtown and around. Rock Valley has a lively downtown with many shops, and our community is proud to support our local businesses. Be sure to check the welcome packet you picked up at the City Office - there might be an offer or two for you to use at local stores. If you have questions about what Rock Valley businesses can offer, the Rock Valley Chamber is a great place to start!

Rock Valley Downtown

Get out and explore!

In addition to a thriving economic scene, Rock Valley has many activities to offer! With over 13 miles of trails, community parks, Riversbend Campground, a dog park, and a recently built pool, there is so much to do right in city limits. Be sure to check out all of the programming our local library offers for all ages, and if you have kiddos, check out the Rock Valley Youth Recreation Programs.

Get Connected!

While the town itself has lots to offer, one of our best assets is our people! The Rock Valley community is like none other. Rock Valley has three grade schools, two high schools, lots of churches, and plenty of other community organizations like Kiwanis and Rotary. We’d love to help you get connected!

Rally in the Valley

Embrace the community

Rock Valley has multiple community events every year that are always a highlight! Learn more about Rally in the Valley, Lights Around the Bend, and more!

The Water tower for Rock Valley

Interested in building?

Looking to build in Rock Valley? Check out our competitive building incentives!

We're so glad to have you here! We hope this helped with some questions you might have as you get settled, but if you need additional information or have other questions, you can contact us or stop by the City Office. Welcome to Rock Valley!