Rock Valley's Annual Business Gala

On Monday, November 14, The City of Rock Valley, Rock Valley Chamber of Commerce and Rock Valley Economic Development hosted the Rock Valley Business Gala at Parkview Event Center. This is an annual event where the City, Chamber, and Economic Development give updates about the city and reflect on the past year. They also give away the Citizen of the Year award, Economic Development Support Award, and Chamber Business of the Year award.

The Citizen of the Year award demonstrates the character and effort that embodies Rock Valley. They may have championed a dream or used their voice to empower others to get involved, and to set an example or simply lead the way using creative problem solving to reflect the investment it takes to ignite passion in others. The 2022 Citizen of the Year recipient has been a leader in his own business growth, and a cheerleader for the community to help recruit, retain and mentor new startups, as well as being a catalyst for re-energizing our downtown.

“Mike Post has served on the Economic Development Board, helped form the Strategic Plan serving on the executive committee, and played a large role in helping form the beautification committee. Mike has made a significant positive impact on our community for years to come.” Tom Van Maanen, City Administrator.

When choosing an award category, the Rock Valley Economic Development Corp. chose to select a business, organization or an individual that exemplifies support to advance our community. This can include private investment, new construction, a new business, or expansion of existing business, as well as those serving volunteer time and commitment to grow our community .

The most important aspect of this award is that the recipient of our Economic Development Support Award shows support by adding to Rock Valley’s economy, as well as being a benefit to our community life.

“2022 marks the Van Zee family's 100th year in business, and we wanted to commemorate their significant involvement in our community by honoring them. The Van Zee family has played a pivotal role in our community’s success, not only in supplying materials and concrete, but actively serving in many different capacities as leaders for many projects, events and behind the scenes as sponsors and partners in many business startups, schools projects, churches, and other organizations in Rock Valley.” David Miller, Development Director.

The Chamber Business of the Year was nominated by the community and selected by the Chamber Board. The award is meant to honor a Rock Valley Business for their active role within the Chamber of Commerce and business community.

This year, 40 different chamber businesses were nominated! And this year's winner is The Economy Shop. Shelly and her team have proven invaluable tenacity and strength in an ever-changing retail economy. They provide leadership to help develop the next generation of retail entrepreneurs. The Economy Shop was also willing to be on the forefront of new programs such as the Downtown Façade Grant.

“The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to honor the Economy Shop as the 2022 Chamber Business of the Year! They are a valuable asset to the Chamber of Commerce and our downtown economy.” Ashley Feekes, Rock Valley Chamber director.

The event was a success and we’re thankful for everyone who attended!