Rock Valley Participates in ISU's Rural Housing Readiness Assessment Program

The City of Rock Valley recognizes the need for housing in our community. We understand the important role housing plays in growing a business and having a thriving community and because of this, we recently completed the Iowa State University Extension’s Rural Housing Readiness Assessment funded by Iowa Economic Development Authority.

This program helps communities survey and plan to assess the type and amount of housing needed and then help develop strategies to make that housing available. We appreciate ISU's help with this project and the community and business owner’s buy in to help make it a success. Some of the results of this assessment included:
- Grant funds utilized for housing incentives, urban revitalization, and blight

- 5 downtown upper story housing units under construction

- 15+ new single family homes

- 7 new multi-family housing units

- Constructed and sold four Homes for Iowa Program houses

Learn more about the our participation in the Rural Housing Readiness Assessment here: https://www.extension.iastate....