Press Release: Public Forum for City Park Plans

On Thursday, February 9, the City of Rock Valley will be hosting a public forum on the new City Park Renovation Plan. The goal is to move forward with the start of construction in early 2023 and complete the renovations in the park in 2024.

The City would like to invite the public to this open house-style public forum to view the plans. There will be representatives from the City office, City Council, and Beautification Committee available to answer questions about the new plans. The City of Rock Valley envisions that this event offers community members time to offer suggestions and ask questions they may have regarding the redesigned park.

In 2020, the City of Rock Valley formed a Strategic Planning Committee to help guide our community as we move forward on some big community projects. From the Strategic Planning Committee came a Beautification Committee, which was tasked with aiding the city in planning for specific areas of our town, based on suggestions from a community-wide survey. One space that was mentioned multiple times in the community-wide survey was city park along Highway 18. Residents of Rock Valley recognized the importance of having an inviting and updated space that can be viewed from the highway as visitors are passing through our community.

Over 60 different individuals have contributed to the park plan and shelter house design for the City Park. We are excited to be moving forward with this project and want to continue to involve our community. We hope that you will join us on February 9, around 5:30 pm till 7 pm at the City Office to discuss any questions you may have and offer input on the plans.

View the Park Renovation Plans

Shelter House Plans