Pool Plan to Move Forward

Pool Plan to Move Forward

On Tuesday, March 22 at 2 pm, the Rock Valley City Council was presented with bids for the proposed pool plans. They were pleased with the bid results and voted to move forward with Carrothers Construction Co, LLC at the council meeting that following Thursday. This means that the City of Rock Valley will officially be getting a new pool!

The goal is to have the new pool open by mid-summer, 2023 if all goes according to plan. A demolition date has not been set yet, but residents can expect to see some action start to happen this spring. The plan will include a family slide, a stand-alone slide, shade structures, a new concessions area within the gated area of the facility, an updated exterior, and an updated interior of the bathhouse as well as other features.

"There has definitely been anticipation building surrounding a much-needed pool improvement in Rock Valley. The community support, work of a dedicated committee & fundraising team, and collaboration with city officials have been the catalyst to move this project forward. And I look forward to watching the building progress on a quality facility that will benefit RV residents of all ages in the near future!" says Alyssa Van't Hul.

I look forward to watching the building progress on a quality facility that will benefit RV residents of all ages in the near future!

- Alyssa Van't Hul, Pool Manager

To come up with a design for this new pool, lots of research was done. First, it was determined by an aquatic engineer company that our current swimming pool is too old and too decrepit to renovate. After this, the Pool Committee put together a community-wide survey to gauge the community's interest and collect opinions on what should be considered with the new pool plan. The Pool Committee and designers also talked to multiple other locations that have recently been built to determine what they love about their pool and what they would change if they could. From all this information, the pool plan was put together and put out for bid. We are excited about the new pool and the ways it will serve our community!

We want to thank the Pool Together RV Committee for all their work on this project, all of the volunteers that helped at fundraisers, and all who donated to the Pool Fund. We could not have completed this project without the support of our great community.

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