June 2024 Flood FAQ's

Flood 2024

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Please visit this resource page for ways to receive help.


The city wants to make residents aware of scams that are already happening online and in town. People are pretending to be Red Cross Volunteers & FEMA workers and they are asking for social security numbers and personal information. Please be cautious of links and emails AND people who are showing up to town.

Legitimate Red Cross and FEMA will all have vests, lanyards, IDs, etc. you can ask to see all their credentials. This is ridiculous we know but we want to keep the public safe from this issue as well.

If you have questions check out the post on our social media that links to our website RESOURCE PAGE.

The water is starting to get turned back on! It will be SLOW process as there are a lot of steps but we passed all tests and we can start the process of getting it back on! See below with the start of the process:

Water services are getting turned on for all non-affected areas north of Hwy 18. If you need water for drinking or cooking, please continue to use bottled water which is available at City Hall- 1303 10th Street. Please follow these water restriction guidelines and limit your uses for the greater good of the community:

ALLOWED USES: face & hand washing, less than 3-minute showers, hand washed dishes, one load of laundry per household per day.


*There will be a $300 fine for watering lawns.



Será un proceso LENTO ya que hay muchos pasos pero hemos pasado todas las pruebas y podemos empezar el proceso para volver a tener agua.

A continuación puede leer sobre el inicio del proceso:Están restableciendo los servicios de agua en todas las áreas al norte de la autopista Hwy 18 que fueron afectadas por la inundación. Si usted necesita agua para beber o cocinar, por favor, siga utilizando agua embotellada que se puede obtener en la Municipalidad - 1303 10th Street.Por favor, siga estas directrices de la restricción del agua y limite su consumo por el bien de la comunidad:

USOS PERMITIDOS: lavarse la cara y las manos, duchas que duren menos de 3 minutos, lavar los platos a mano.


If you would like to donate items to those affected by the flood, please contact Justice For All. They are now running the donation center.

Any financial donations that want to be made can go to the Friends of Rock Valley Donation. These can be mailed or put in the drop boxes of either Peoples Bank or Premier Bank in Rock Valley.



These are the only 2 links to the VERIFIED Rock Valley donation account.

The city of Rock Valley has received many inquires about making monetary donations for the flood victims. You can drop off or mail a check written out to FRIENDS OF ROCK VALLEY to People's Bank or Premier Bank in Rock Valley.

People's Bank - 1230 Valley Drive, Rock Valley Iowa 51247

Premier Bank - 1004 21st Avenue, Rock Valley Iowa 51247

Thank you so very much for your generosity.



These are the only 2 links to the VERIFIED Rock Valley donation account.

If you are a home owner in Rock Valley, and need more volunteers to help clean up, please call this number to get more volunteers sent your way. Thank you.

Hotline number: 712-227-1136


Si usted es dueño de una casa en Rock Valley por favor llame este número para matricular la información de su domicilio en la base de datos. Estamos usando este recurso para conseguir ayuda para usted cuando lo necesite. Gracias.

Línea de atención 712-227-1136

If you have water outside of your house and your basement is full, DO NOT pump your basement out until the water goes down or you could collapse your basement walls. There is too much pressure and that pressure could collapse your basement walls.

If you are employed in the City of Rock Valley, please check directly with your employer about going to work tomorrow and this week.

City personnel are asking residents to please stay out until you have been given the all clear.

Sioux County has several outdoor warning sirens. Sirens are located in the towns of Alton, Boyden, Chatsworth, Granville, Hawarden, Hospers, Hull, Ireton, Matlock, Maurice, Orange City, Rock Valley, and Sioux Center. All sirens are activated by the Sioux County Communications Center to insure the radio equipment and the sirens are operating properly and will sound in an emergency. All sirens are tested during the first Friday of the month for the months of April through September at 9:30 AM unless the following conditions are met:

· Sioux County is included a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watch OR Warning

· Thunderstorms are within a 50 mile radius of Sioux County.

The Emergency Management Coordinator can aid in the decision on whether to cancel the test. In the event the Coordinator is unavailable, the dispatcher should consult with the Sheriff. If neither is available, the dispatcher performing the test should feel free to use their best judgment.

Sioux County Warning Sirens will be activated during:

  1. Tornado Warnings
  2. If an accredited weather spotter requests Sioux County to sound the sirens for a specific community related to a threat they are monitoring.

The city of Rock Valley is towing abandoned vehicles that were left on the streets to the east side business park near the GrandStay Hotel & Suites Rock Valley, IA. You may go to collect the belongings from your vehicles there. Thank you.