Chamber Gift Card Program Success

In June of 2022, the Rock Valley Chamber of Commerce officially launched a new Gift Card program. This program allows the Chamber to sell Rock Valley Chamber Gift Cards that can be used at any participating Chamber Businesses. The Gift Card Program is a closed loop system, so it can only be used at Rock Valley Chamber Businesses, which ensures that the money stays in our community.

Before this program, the Rock Valley Chamber sold chamber bucks, which were paper gift certificates that could be used at participating Chamber Businesses. The new Chamber Gift Card program is much simpler to use, as the customer uses a preloaded Gift Card that works like a debit or credit card.

Another benefit of this system is that the Rock Valley Chamber can easily track how many gift cards have been purchased and how much money has been put into the system. At the end of the year, the Chamber will also be able to see where gift cards have been spent.

This year, the Rock Valley Chamber sold over $39,000 in Gift Cards in the first six months. The Chamber is so excited at the success of this program and can't wait to see it's continued growth.

Interested in Purchasing a Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be purchased at the Rock Valley City Offices or online using the button below. These gift cards make great employee gifts, giveaway prizes, or auction items. Thank you for supporting the Rock Valley Chamber Businesses!

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