Can I grind my curb instead of breaking up and replacing?

No. The curb must be cut, broken, and removed. All cuts must be made with a saw and may not be made less than 4 feet from an existing joint. Concrete must be broken up by pneumatic jackhammer or sledgehammer. Use of a hydraulic device to lift whole slabs is prohibited. This can cause cracks and/or spalling to the street, which the homeowner will be responsible for the damage and cost of replacement. Use of rebar in the new curb section is required.

A minimum of two 1/2 inch rebar dowels in the traverse joints and replaced in 4-foot intervals on longitude joints with a 1/2 inch expansion joint filled with bitumen sealant. Inspection by the city is required before installation of concrete in the new curb/gutter. Cost of a replacement for grinding or not following code will be at the homeowner’s expense.

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