Article 9. R-4 Mobile/Manufactured Housing

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Section 9.1. INTENT.

The intent of the Mobile/Manufactured Housing District is to regulate the location and placement of mobile homes and mobile home parks within the City of Rock Valley, and to provide for certain medium density residential areas now developed as mobile or manufactured home parks which by reason of their design and location are compatible with surrounding residential areas and areas of the city where similar development seems likely to occur.



Within the (R-4) Mobile/Manufactured district, unless otherwise provided in this ordinance, only the following uses, buildings or structures shall be permitted by right.

Residential Uses

Civic Uses

Mobile Home or Manufactured Housing Single Family Residential

Local Utility Services

Park and Recreation Services



Certain uses may be permitted in the (R-4) Mobile/Manufactured Housing district subject to specific conditions and requirements as outlined and approved by the Board of Adjustment intending to make them compatible with and acceptable to adjacent uses.

Residential Uses

Civic Uses

Commercial Uses

Relocated Residential

– Either single family or mobile or manufactured housing previously located in another mobile home park or from another lot

Daycare Center Government/Public Services Educational Facilities

Major Utility Services

Pre-Kindergarten, Preschool or Nursery School

Religious Assembly

Boarding House Communication Services

(See Section 16.10)


Section 9.4. ACCESSORY USES.

Permitted accessory uses shall not be the principal structure on any lot, and accessory uses are to remain incidental and secondary in size, use, and nature to the principal permitted use. Accessory uses shall also comply the provisions of Section 16.2. The following accessory uses and structures shall be permitted.

  1. Essential services
  2. Private garages or carports.
  3. Parking lots
  4. Personal recreational facilities for use by residents
  5. Radio, television, satellite dish, and other similar receiving antennas for personal use. Communication services and other devices or structures intended for commercial use are considered a conditional use and shall comply with the provisions of Section 16.10.
  6. Patios, cabanas, porches, gazebos, and incidental household storage buildings including sheds
  7. Personal greenhouses, not operated for commercial purposes
  8. Solar collectors
  9. Home occupations, in compliance with Section 16.5.
  10. The keeping of dogs or other domesticated animals in a private kennel.
  11. Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction, in which buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of construction, and in compliance with Section 16.4.
  12. Accessory uses and structures determined by the Zoning Administrator to be appropriate, incidental, and subordinate to principal permitted and conditional uses and structures.



The following minimum requirements shall be provided for light and open space around permitted and conditional uses, buildings and structures in the (R-4) Mobile/Manufactured Housing district, and subject to the Supplemental District Regulations.

Mobile or Manufactured Home Lot Requirements:

  • Lot Area – 5,000 square feet – minimum lot area
  • Lot Width: 40 feet – minimum lot width
  • Front Yard: 15 feet – minimum required front yard, unless the front yard boarders the
  • perimeter in which case the front yard is not required
  • Side Yard: 7½ feet – minimum required side yard, unless the side yard borders the
  • perimeter in which case the side yard is not required
  • Rear Yard: 25 feet – minimum required rear yard, unless the rear yard boarders the
  • perimeter in which case the rear yard is not required
  • Maximum Height: 35 feet
  • Residential Density: Not more than one (1) dwelling unit per mobile home lot

Mobile or Manufactured Park Requirements:

  • Park Area: Five (5) acres – minimum park area Park Width: 300 feet – minimum park width
  • Park Boundary: 25 feet – minimum required setback for mobile homes Public right-of-way: 40 feet – minimum required setback for mobile homes

No minimum requirements for local utility facilities and essential services, except that buildings or other above-ground structures or devices constructed in support of utilities or essential services must comply with minimum yard setback requirements. Furthermore, mobile home lots and parks shall be developed in conformance with the following Mobile Home Park Requirements outlined in Section 9.6 below.



Each mobile or manufactured home park shall be developed subject to the following requirements:

Development Plan: The following information shall be shown on the development plan or submitted in writing with it:

  1. The name of the proposed mobile home or manufactured housing park
  2. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the developer or the developer’s representative
  3. Location of the mobile/manufactured home park, giving the subdivision and lot numbers
  4. A map of the entire area scheduled for development, if the proposed development is a portion of a larger holding intended for subsequent development
  5. Location map showing the relationship of the proposed development and adjacent tracts
  6. Present land use and existing zoning of the proposed development and adjacent tracts
  7. Interior streets, streets, street names, right-of-way and roadway widths
  8. All lot lines and open spaces with dimensions shown
  9. Delineation of all improvements required in this section
  10. Location, dimensions, capacity, and design for the park’s tornado storm shelter

Maintenance of Streets and Infrastructure: If said mobile home park development plan contains no dedication to the city of streets or utilities, or should it be contemplated that the facilities of the city shall not be used for maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and water and sewer lines, garbage collection, or other related functions, then the owner shall be required to record with the Mobile/Manufactured Home Park Plan a covenant, as follows:

“That, being the owner or owners of the rea1 estate contained in ‘the above attached mobile/manufactured home park development plan, hereby consent that if they or their assignees, heirs, or those holding or owning said land through owners, fail to maintain the streets, sidewalks, water or sewer mains according to and in compliance with the minimum standards for the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, water or sewer mains as established by the City of Rock Valley, Iowa, that after twenty-four (24) hour notice in writing to the owner of said land as shown upon the records in the County Auditor’s office of Sioux County, Iowa, and at the address therein shown, then said owner, assignees, heirs, and those holding or owning through said owners, hereby authorize the City of Rock Valley, Iowa, to make all necessary repairs and perform all necessary maintenance, and further authorize the City of Rock Valley, Iowa, to file a mechanic’s lien, other lien or encumbrance against said real estate, and enforce said lien pursuant to laws then applicable.”

Permitted accessory uses and requirements thereof:

  1. Accessory buildings or structures under park management supervision shall be used only as office space, storage, laundry facilities, recreation facilities, garage storage or other necessary service for park residents’ use only. No accessory building or structure shall exceed twenty-five (25) feet in height; and shall meet the requirements of other applicable ordinances.
  2. A mobile or manufactured home may be displayed and offered for sale, provided that such building is situated on a permanent pad within the mobile home park.
  3. Accessory buildings or structures may be no closer than five feet (5’) to any lot line.
  4. One (1) identification sign approved in conjunction with the final site plan approval. In no case shall such sign be larger than sixty (60) square feet in surface area nor have any moving parts, or stand higher than ten feet (10’) from the ground to the top of the sign. Such sign shall be no closer to the public right-of-way line than five feet (5’).
  5. No more than one (1) entry and/or one (1) exit sign at each access drive onto the public right-of-way, approved in conjunction with the final site plan approval. In no case shall the sign be larger than two (2) square feet in surface area nor have any moving parts, or stand higher than five feet (5’) from the ground to the top of the sign

Required development standards:

  1. The boundaries of each mobile home lot shall be clearly marked on the ground by permanent steel or iron rods driven into the ground with the top of said rods flush with the finish lot grade. Location of limits in the ground shall be the same as shown on approved plans.
  2. Each mobile home site shall be provided with a stand consistent with customary industry standards. Alternative pad and support mechanisms may be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission upon request and accompanied by sketches or other documentation.
  3. Each mobile or manufactured home shall be anchored to the ground as provided in 661 IAC Chapter 16.626(103A).
  4. If a temporary foundation or permanent pier or post foundation is provided, uniform skirting of each mobile home base shall be required, within thirty (30) days after initial placement. A permanent type material and construction compatible with the design and color of the mobile home shall be installed to enclose the open space between the bottom of the mobile home floor and the grade level of the mobile home stand, and shall be constructed to provide substantial resistance to heavy winds. Skirting shall be maintained in an attractive manner consistent with the exterior of the mobile home and to preserve the appearance of the mobile home park. Sufficient screened ventilating area shall be installed in the skirting to supply the combustion requirements of heating units and ventilating of the mobile home. Provisions shall be made for easy removal of a section large enough to permit access or inspection of the enclosed area under the mobile home, and for repair of sewer and water riser connections.
  5. A written emergency plan submitted to the city and posted on site to advise all of the park residents of safety measures.
  6. Storage of goods and articles underneath any mobile home shall be prohibited.
  7. Exposed ground surfaces in a mobile home park shall be covered with stone screening or other solid material protected with vegetative cover or other material capable of preventing soil erosion and objectionable dust.
  8. Each mobile home site shall have front, side and rear yards, and a double front yard setback will be required on corner lots.
  9. For the purpose of this section, yard width shall be determined by measurement from the mobile home face (side) to its site boundary from which every point shall not be less than the minimum width herein provided. Open patios shall be disregarded in determining yard widths. Enclosed all weather patios and carports shall be included in determining yard widths. The front yard is that yard which abuts the street, roadway or other access. The rear yard is at the opposite end of the mobile home and side yards are at right angles to the front and rear ends.
  10. Mobile homes or Manufactured Housing shall not be connected to water, sewer, or electrical services unless the housing unit complies with the local, county and state standards and requirements.
  11. Garbage and trash containers for each mobile home shall be placed in a conveniently located area, not within the public right-of-way.
  12. Any common fuel, gas or chemical storage shall be stored and maintained in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations.
  13. One (1) parking space shall be provided within one hundred and fifty (150) feet of each mobile home site. In such park there shall be provided additional parking spaces for additional storage of all recreational type vehicles and visitor parking.
  14. When a cul-de-sac is provided, the radius of such roadway loop shall be a minimum of one hundred feet (100’), curb face to curb face, with the drive length a maximum of three hundred feet (300’).
  15. All parks shall be furnished with lighting units spaced and equipped with approved fixtures, placed at mounting heights that will provide adequate illumination for safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles at night.
  16. Storm drainage facilities shall be constructed to protect those who reside in the mobile/manufactured home park as well as property owners adjacent to such park. Adequate provisions shall be made to handle all surface and storm drainage water as determined by the City’s Engineer.
  17. Those streets intended solely for the residents of the mobile/manufactured home park to access their lot and house may remain a private street, if approved as such by the City.

All mobile home parks shall conform to the above requirements in addition to all current city specifications and standards.



In addition to the above stated required development standards stated in Section 9.6 above, each mobile or manufactured home park shall be developed in accordance with the following additional requirements:

The rental of mobile or manufactured homes shall be in accordance with the laws and statutes identified in 562B of the Iowa Code, Manufactured Home Communities or Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Law.

All dwellings shall follow the standards for Fire Safety Criteria for Manufactured Home Installations, Sites and Communities as stated in the NFPA 501A (2009) or amendments thereto.

All factory built structures, including mobile and manufactured housing units, shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 661.16 of the Iowa State Building Code – Factory-Built Structures.

All factory-built structure, including mobile and manufactured housing units shall comply with the anchorage and support provisions outlined in Chapter 661.322 of the Iowa State Building Code – Manufactured Housing Support and Anchorage Systems.



Mobile or manufactured homes and mobile home parks existing at the time of the adoption of this ordinance will be governed as follows:

  • All mobile home parks lawfully established and located within the City of Rock Valley prior to the adoption of the ordinance which may become a part of the city as a result of annexation and are being used in a manner or for purposes otherwise lawful but which do not conform to the provisions of this Article shall be deemed to be a lawfully vested nonconforming use. As such, the nonconforming mobile home park may continue to operate in the manner and to the extent that it lawfully existed at the time of annexation.
  • Any existing mobile home park may hereafter be expanded or enlarged provided such expansion or enlargement in the new area is done in conformity with the provisions of this Article.
  • All existing, nonconforming mobile homes or manufactured housing units which are subsequently sold to a new owner, as well as all mobile home units installed on a mobile home space subsequent to the enactment of the ordinance shall conform to the skirting requirements of Section 9.6, Subsection 4. Parts b. c. and d. prior to being occupied.
  • Any nonconforming mobile or manufactured home, not considered real estate, or any mobile home park or manufactured housing subdivision which is hereafter abandoned, unused or unoccupied for a period of one (1) year or more shall not again be used as such until it is brought into compliance with the provisions of this Article. The City Council may, in its sole discretion, grant an extension of time beyond the one year requirement provided the council receives a written request from the owner stating reasons for the time extension.
  • Any nonconforming mobile or manufactured home, not considered real estate, or any mobile home park or manufactured housing subdivision which is hereafter damaged by any means to an extent exceeding fifty percent (50%) or more of its replacement cost at the time of destruction, exclusive of foundations shall not be restored or reconstructed to its prior use until it is brought into compliance with the provisions of this Article.
  • Nothing in this section shall prohibit the maintenance and repair of nonconforming mobile or manufactured homes or any mobile home park or manufactured housing subdivision to keep such facilities in sound and safe condition, provided no enlargement, extension, alteration or change shall be made to increase the degree of nonconformity.



A mobile or manufactured home which is located outside a mobile home park shall be converted to real estate by being placed on a permanent foundation and shall be assessed for real estate taxes except in the following cases: 1) Mobile homes or manufactured homes on private property as part of a dealer’s or a manufacturer’s stock not used as a place for human habitation. 2) A taxable mobile home or manufactured home that is located outside of a mobile home park as of January 1,

1995, shall be assessed and taxed as real estate, but is exempt from the permanent foundation requirement of this article until the home is relocated.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 435.26 & Sec. 435.35)

A mobile home or manufactured home located outside of a mobile home park shall be placed on a permanent frost-free foundation system, which meets the support and anchorage requirements as recommended by the manufacturer, or required by the State Building Code. The foundation system must be visually compatible with permanent foundation systems of surrounding residential structures. Any such home shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the State Building Code. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 103A.10)



Zoning permits shall be required for the construction, alteration, or expansion of any mobile or manufactured home in accordance with the provisions of Section 21.3 of this ordinance.


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