Article 17. Off Street Parking

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Section 17.1. INTENT.

It is the intent of this article to prevent traffic congestion and to provide for proper traffic safety. After the effective date of this ordinance, in all districts, except the (C-1) General Commercial District, off street parking spaces shall be provided at the time any new building or structure is erected, in accordance with the requirements set forth herein. The requirements of this article are minimum standards, and where review of the site plan and intended land use indicate the requirements herein are inadequate a greater requirement may be required to preserve the intent of this ordinance.



All off-street parking areas shall comply with the following minimum area and surface requirements. All buildings and structures erected and all uses of lands in all districts established after the effective date of this ordinance shall provide off street parking as required under this section.

  • Owners, developers or an authorized agent of the owner shall apply for and obtain an approved zoning permit prior to installing any off-street parking areas. Off street parking may be included in a zoning permit for a building or structure if such off street parking spaces are part of the overall site development plan.
  • The provisions of this section shall not apply to areas in the C-1 General Commercial District.
  • A parking space shall be not less than 200 square feet.
  • Parking spaces shall be surfaced with portland cement, concrete, asphaltic concrete, or equivalent hard surface approved by the Planning Commission.
  • All off street parking spaces required by this section shall be located on the same lot of the use it serves or on land contiguous to the principal use lot.
  • Enclosed parking areas or garages shall qualify to meet minimum parking space requirements under this section.
  • Owners of two (2) or more uses or parcels of land may agree to jointly utilize the same parking spaces provided that satisfactory legal evidence is presented to establish such a joint use.
  • Willful failure to maintain and provide parking spaces as required under this section shall be deemed a violation of this ordinance and subject to the penalty listed in Section 22.1.



At the time of construction, alteration, moving or enlargement of a structure or building, or change in the use of the land off-street parking spaces and loading areas shall be provided, constructed, and maintained for all uses as follows, except within the C-1 General Commercial District.

  1. Single Family Residential: 2 spaces
  2. Two Family Residential (Duplex): 2 spaces per dwelling unit
  3. Multi-Family Residential: 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit
    1. – Condominiums, apartments and townhouses
  4. Mobile/Manufactured Home Residential: 1 spaces per mobile/manufactured home and
    1. 1 space per dwelling unit for visitor/guest parking
  5. Group Residential/Family Home: 1 space for each two (2) bedrooms
  6. Hotel/Motel and Bed & Breakfast: 1 space per guest room and five (5) additional spaces
  7. Hospital/Healthcare facilities: 1 space for each four (4) patient beds
  8. Convalescent Services: 1 space for each eight (8) patent beds, plus 1 space for each employee on the largest shift
  9. Public Assembly/Religious Assembly: 1 space for each six (6) seats of seating
    1. Churches, Auditoriums, Stadiums, capacity provided or 1 space per 500 sq.ft. of
    2. Community Center, etc. gross floor area, whichever is greater
  10. General Retail Sales/Professional Office: 1 space per 300 sq.ft. of gross floor area
  11. Large Retail/Services in excess of 1 space per 600 sq.ft. of gross floor area
    1. 15,000 square feet:
  12. Restaurants/Lounges/Bars: 1 space for each four (4) seats, plus 1 space for each two (2) employees, or 1 space per 300 sq.ft. of gross floor area, whichever is greater
  13. Educational Facilities: 1 space per regular employee and 1 space for-
    1. including preschools, daycares, etc. every ten (10) seats in the largest facility for public assembly.
  14. Industry/Manufacturing/Research: 1 space for every two (2) employees on the Warehousing largest shift.
  15. Salvage yards/scrap yards/junk yards: One (1) space per one hundred (100) sq. ft. of disp1ay or floor area
  16. Campgrounds, camp sites, RV parks: One (1) space per one (1) camping or RV site
  17. All Other Uses: All other buildings having a gross floor area of more than two thousand (2,000) square feet shall provide one off-street parking space for each one thousand (1,000) square feet of floor space on the same lot as the principal building.



In the case of any building, structure or premises, the use of which is not specifically mentioned herein, the number of parking spaces to be provided will be equal to that of a similar use mentioned in Section 17.3 above or as determined by the Zoning Administrator.

Where fractional spaces occur, the parking spaces required shall be increased to the nearest whole number.

Whenever a building or use existing prior to the effective date of this ordinance is enlarged to the extent of fifty percent (50%) or more in floor area or in the area used, said building or use shall then and thereafter comply with the parking requirements set forth herein.

In the event several uses occupy the same building or land, the parking spaces required shall equal the sum of the requirements of the various uses if computed separately.



All parking spaces required by this ordinance shall be located on the same zoning lot as the building or use served. Except that where an increase in the number of spaces is required due to a change or enlargement of use or where such spaces are provided collectively or used jointly by two or more buildings or establishments, the required spaces may be located and maintained on properties contiguous to the use being served by required parking spaces.

In any case where the required parking spaces are not located on the same lot with the building or use served, or where such spaces are collectively or jointly provided and used, a written agreement thereby assuring their retention for such purposes, shall be properly drawn and executed by the parties concerned, approved as to form and execution, and shall be filed with the application for a building permit.

Off-street parking spaces may be located within the required front yard of any commercial, industrial, or multiple family residential (R-2) districts. However, no off-street parking shall be permitted in the required front yard except upon a driveway providing access to a garage, carport or parking area within the R-1 and R-3 residential districts.

All required off-street parking areas of more than five (5) spaces shall be surfaced with either asphalt, concrete, asphaltic concrete, or other such hard surface as approved by the Zoning Administrator so as to provide a durable parking surface. Parking areas shall be graded and drained to dispose of all surface water on the lot, and shall be arranged and marked to provide for orderly and safe ingress and egress.

Any lighting used to illuminate any off-street parking areas shall be arranged to reflect light away from adjacent lots and uses of land.

In cases when commercial or other non-residential parking lots adjoin a residential district, parking areas shall be at least five feet from the side property line and effectively screened by the use of a fence, hedge, or other similar methods.



At the time of construction, alteration, or enlargement of any building hereafter erected, having a gross floor area of ten thousand (10,000) square feet or more, which is to be occupied by manufacturing, storage, warehouse, goods display, retail store, wholesale store, market, hotel, hospital, mortuary, laundry, dry cleaning or other uses similarly requiring the receipt or

distribution by vehicles of material or merchandise, there shall be provided on the same lot at least one (1) permanently maintained off-street loading space plus one (1) additional loading space for each twenty thousand (20,000) square feet or major fraction thereof of gross floor area, so used, in excess of ten thousand (10,000) square feet. Such loading space may occupy all or any part of any required side or rear yard or open space, except where adjoining a residential district. If the loading space is adjacent to a residential district, it shall be set back at least ten feet (10’) and effectively screened from view. All loading, unloading and parking must be conducted on private property and cannot be conducted on the public right-of-way, except for designated or approved delivery, parcel or moving vehicles intended for temporary unloading.


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