Article 1. Basic Provisions

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Section 1.1. SHORT TITLE.
This Ordinance shall be known and may be cited and referenced as: “The Rock Valley Zoning Ordinance”.

Section 1.2. JURISDICTION.
In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 414, Code of Iowa, and amendatory acts thereto; this ordinance is adopted by the City of Rock Valley, Iowa governing the zoning of all lands within the corporate limits of the city.

Effective on the effective date of this ordinance, Ordinance #366, the Rock Valley Zoning Ordinance adopted January 3, 2008, and amendments thereto are hereby repealed. The repeal of said ordinance shall not have the effect to release or relinquish any penalty, forfeiture or liability incurred under said ordinance or any part thereof, and such ordinance and all parts thereof shall be treated as still remaining in force for the purpose of instituting or sustaining any proper action or prosecution for the enforcement of such penalty, forfeiture or liability.

If any court of competent jurisdiction shall declare any part of this ordinance to be invalid, such ruling shall not affect any other provisions of this ordinance not specifically included in said ruling. If any court of competent jurisdiction shall declare invalid the application of any provision of this ordinance to a particular land, parcel, lot, district, use, building or structure, such ruling shall not affect the application of said provision to any other land, parcel, lot, district, use, building or structure not specifically included in said ruling.

In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this ordinance shall be held to be minimum requirements. Where any condition imposed by any provision of this ordinance upon the use of any lot, building or structure is either more restrictive or less restrictive than any comparable condition imposed by any other provision of this ordinance or by the provision of an ordinance adopted under any other law, or by provision of any statute, the provision which is more restrictive or which imposes a higher standard or requirement shall apply. This ordinance is not intended to abrogate or annul any easement, covenant or other private agreement provided that where any provision of this ordinance is more restrictive or imposes a higher standard or requirement than such easement, covenant or other private agreement, the provision of this ordinance shall govern.

Section 1.6. PURPOSE.
The various zoning districts, created by this ordinance and the various articles and sections of this ordinance, are adopted for the purpose among others of:

  1. Carry out the intent and spirit of the Rock Valley Comprehensive Plan.
  2. Promote the public health, safety, morals, comfort, general welfare, and preserving the natural resources, scenic and historically significant areas of the community.
  3. Help achieve greater efficiency and economy of land development by promoting the grouping of similar land uses which are compatible with each other.
  4. Encourage the classification of land use and distribution of land development within the city that will facilitate the adequate and economic provision of transportation, communication, water supply, drainage, sanitation, education, recreation, and other public requirements.
  5. Help ensure all residential, commercial, and industrial structures, as well as other types of structures, will be accessible to firefighting and other emergency equipment.
  6. Promote development of residential neighborhoods in which each dwelling is assured the provision of light, air, and open space.
  7. Prohibit the formation or expression of nonconforming uses of land, buildings, and structures which adversely affect the character and value of desirable development in each district.
  8. Help prevent and minimize the effect of nuisance producing activities.
  9. Preserve the taxable value of the land and buildings throughout the city.
  10. Define the zoning powers and duties of the City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and the Zoning Administrator.

These regulations are designed to implement various elements of the comprehensive land use plan as required by the Iowa Code. Any amendment to the district regulations or zoning map shall, at a minimum, not be in conflict with the comprehensive land use plan adopted by the City Council.


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