City Ordinances: Chapters 18-21


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18.01   APPOINTMENT AND COMPENSATION.  The Council shall appoint by majority vote a City Clerk to serve for a term of one year.  The Clerk shall receive such compensation as established by resolution of the Council. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[3])

18.02   POWERS AND DUTIES:  GENERAL.  The Clerk or, in the Clerk’s absence or inability to act, the Deputy Clerk has the powers and duties as provided in this chapter, this Code of Ordinances and the law.

18.03   PUBLICATION OF MINUTES.  Within fifteen (15) days following a regular or special meeting, the Clerk shall cause the minutes of the proceedings thereof to be published.  Such publication shall include a list of all claims allowed and a summary of all receipts and shall show the gross amount of the claims. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[6])

18.04   RECORDING MEASURES.  The Clerk shall promptly record each measure considered by the Council and record a statement with the measure, where applicable, indicating whether the Mayor signed, vetoed or took no action on the measure, and whether the measure was repassed after the Mayor’s veto. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 380.7[1 & 2])

18.05   PUBLICATION.  The Clerk shall cause to be published all ordinances, enactments, proceedings and official notices requiring publication as follows:

  1. Time. If notice of an election, hearing, or other official action is required by this Code of Ordinances or law, the notice must be published at least once, not less than four (4) nor more than twenty (20) days before the date of the election, hearing or other action, unless otherwise provided by law. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 362.3[1])
  1. Manner of Publication. A publication required by this Code of Ordinances or law must be in a newspaper published at least once weekly and having general circulation in the City. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 362.3[2])

18.06   AUTHENTICATION.  The Clerk shall authenticate all measures except motions with the Clerk’s signature, certifying the time and manner of publication when required. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 380.7[4])

18.07   CERTIFY MEASURES.  The Clerk shall certify all measures establishing any zoning district, building lines, or fire limits and a plat showing the district, lines, or limits to the recorder of the County containing the affected parts of the City. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 380.11)

18.08   RECORDS.  The Clerk shall maintain the specified City records in the following manner:

  1. Ordinances and Codes. Maintain copies of all effective City ordinances and codes for public use. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 380.7[5])
  1. Custody. Have custody and be responsible for the safekeeping of all writings or documents in which the City is a party in interest unless otherwise specifically directed by law or ordinance. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])
  1. Maintenance. Maintain all City records and documents, or accurate reproductions, for at least five (5) years except that ordinances, resolutions, Council proceedings, records and documents, or accurate reproductions, relating to the issuance, cancellation, transfer, redemption or replacement of public bonds or obligations shall be kept for at least eleven (11) years following the final maturity of the bonds or obligations.  Ordinances, resolutions, Council proceedings, records and documents, or accurate reproductions, relating to real property transactions shall be maintained permanently. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[3 & 5])
  1. Provide Copy. Furnish upon request to any municipal officer a copy of any record, paper or public document under the Clerk’s control when it may be necessary to such officer in the discharge of such officer’s duty; furnish a copy to any citizen when requested upon payment of the fee set by Council resolution; under the direction of the Mayor or other authorized officer, affix the seal of the City to those public documents or instruments which by ordinance and Code of Ordinances are required to be attested by the affixing of the seal. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4 & 5] and 380.7[5])
  1. Filing of Communications. Keep and file all communications and petitions directed to the Council or to the City generally.  The Clerk shall endorse thereon the action of the Council taken upon matters considered in such communications and petitions. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

18.09   ATTENDANCE AT MEETINGS.  The Clerk shall attend all regular and special Council meetings and, at the direction of the Council, the Clerk shall attend meetings of committees, boards, and commissions.  The Clerk shall record and preserve a correct record of the proceedings of such meetings. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

18.10   ISSUE LICENSES AND PERMITS.  The Clerk shall issue or revoke licenses and permits when authorized by this Code of Ordinances, and keep a record of licenses and permits issued which shall show date of issuance, license or permit number, official receipt number, name of person to whom issued, term of license or permit and purpose for which issued. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

18.11   NOTIFY APPOINTEES.  The Clerk shall inform all persons appointed by the Mayor or Council to offices in the City government of their positions and the time at which they shall assume the duties of their offices. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

18.12   ELECTIONS.  The Clerk shall perform the duties relating to elections in accordance with Chapter 376 of the Code of Iowa. (Ord. 440-14 – Jun. 18 Supp.)

18.13   CITY SEAL.  The City seal is in the custody of the Clerk and shall be attached by the Clerk to all transcripts, orders and certificates which it may be necessary or proper to authenticate.  The City seal is circular in form, in the center of which is the word “SEAL” and around the margin of which are the words “INCORPORATED CITY OF ROCK VALLEY.”



19.01   APPOINTMENT.  The City Clerk is the Treasurer and performs all functions required of the position of Treasurer.

19.02   COMPENSATION.  The City Clerk receives no additional compensation for performing the duties of the Treasurer.

19.03   DUTIES OF TREASURER.  The duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

  1. Custody of Funds. Be responsible for the safe custody of all funds of the City in the manner provided by law, and Council direction.
  2. Record of Fund. Keep the record of each fund separate.
  3. Record Receipts. Keep an accurate record of all money or securities received by the Treasurer on behalf of the City and specify the date, from whom, and for what purpose received.
  4. Record Disbursements. Keep an accurate account of all disbursements, money or property, specifying date, to whom, and from what fund paid.
  5. Special Assessments. Keep a separate account of all money received by the Treasurer from special assessments.
  6. Deposit Funds. Upon receipt of moneys to be held in the Treasurer’s custody and belonging to the City, deposit the same in depositories selected by the Council.
  7. Reconcile depository statements with the Treasurer’s books and certify monthly to the Council the balance of cash and investments of each fund and amounts received and disbursed.
  8. Debt Service. Keep a register of all bonds outstanding and record all payments of interest and principal.
  9. Other Duties. Perform such other duties as specified by the Council by resolution or ordinance.



20.01   APPOINTMENT AND COMPENSATION.  The Council shall appoint a City Attorney to serve for a term of one year.  The City Attorney shall receive such compensation as established by resolution of the Council.

20.02   ATTORNEY FOR CITY.  The City Attorney shall act as attorney for the City in all matters affecting the City’s interest and appear on behalf of the City before any court, tribunal, commission or board.  The City Attorney shall prosecute or defend all actions and proceedings when so requested by the Mayor or Council. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.03   POWER OF ATTORNEY.  The City Attorney shall sign the name of the City to all appeal bonds and to all other bonds or papers of any kind that may be essential to the prosecution of any cause in court, and when so signed the City shall be bound upon the same. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.04   ORDINANCE PREPARATION.  The City Attorney shall prepare those ordinances which the Council may desire and direct to be prepared and report to the Council upon all such ordinances before their final passage by the Council and publication. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.05   REVIEW AND COMMENT.  The City Attorney shall, upon request, make a report to the Council giving an opinion on all contracts, documents, resolutions, or ordinances submitted to or coming under the City Attorney’s notice. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.06   PROVIDE LEGAL OPINION.  The City Attorney shall give advice or a written legal opinion on City contracts and all questions of law relating to City matters submitted by the Council as a whole, the Mayor, the City Administrator or the City Clerk. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.07   ATTENDANCE AT COUNCIL MEETINGS.  The City Attorney shall attend meetings of the Council at the request of the Mayor or Council. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.08   PREPARE DOCUMENTS.  The City Attorney shall, upon request, formulate drafts for contracts, forms and other writings which may be required for the use of the City. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])



21.01   APPOINTMENT AND TERM.  The City Administrator is appointed by a majority vote of the Council for a one-year term of office and is subject to removal and termination by majority vote of all members of the Council, subject to the provisions and protections of Section 372.15 of the Code of Iowa.

21.02   COMPENSATION.  The City Administrator shall receive such annual salary as the Council shall from time to time determine by resolution.

21.03   POWERS AND DUTIES.  The powers and duties of the City Administrator are as follows:

  1. See that the laws and ordinances are duly enforced.
  2. Attend all meetings of the Council unless excused by the Mayor.
  3. Recommend to the Council such measures as the City Administrator deems necessary or expedient for the good government and welfare of the City.
  4. Supervise and direct the administration of the City government.
  5. Supervise and direct the official conduct of all officers of the City.
  6. Supervise the performance of all contracts for work to be done for the City, make all purchases of material and supplies and see that such material and supplies are received, and are of the quality and character called for by the contract.
  7. Have the power to employ, reclassify or discharge all employees of the City, as the occasion requires subject to the approval of the Council and to recommend the compensation to be paid such employees.
  8. Supervise and manage all public improvements, works and undertakings of the City, and all public buildings, and have charge of their construction, improvement, repair and maintenance except those which may be otherwise delegated in this Code of Ordinances. Nothing herein shall be construed so as to prevent cooperation between the City Administrator and any commission, board of trustees, or other body.
  9. Have charge of the making and preservation of all surveys, maps, plans, drawings, specifications and estimates for public works or public improvements, except those which may be otherwise delegated in this Code of Ordinances.
  10. Have charge of the cleaning, sprinkling and lighting of streets and alleys and public places; the collection and disposal of waste, and the preservation of tools, equipment, vehicles and appliances belonging to the City.
  11. Manage all municipal parks, airports and cemeteries, and all municipal water, lighting, heating, or power plant and transportation enterprises, except those operated under a Board of Trustees or other board or commission. If a board of commission is abolished or ceases to exist, the management exercised by such board or commission shall thereupon vest in the City Administrator.
  12. Provide for the issuance, suspension and revocation of such licenses and permits as are authorized by law or ordinance, cause a record thereof to be kept, and collect and deposit with the City Treasurer all fees for licenses and permits.
  13. Keep the Council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the City and of its future needs.
  14. Prepare and submit to the Council annually the required budgets.
  15. See that the business affairs of the City are transacted at all times by modern and scientific methods and in an efficient and businesslike manner, and that the records of all of the business affairs of the City under the management of the City Administrator are fully and accurately kept.
  16. Work with the County Engineer and other private engineers on all projects affecting the City and keeping the Council informed on the progress of all projects; and also supervise all other engineering needs of the City.
  17. Perform such other and further duties as the Council by ordinance directs.


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