Article 14. Site Plans

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Section 14.1. INTENT.

Site plans are required for review and approval for new construction of any permitted or conditional use buildings and structures in any district, and shall comply with and illustrate the following. Accessory uses, buildings and structures, decks and patios, interior remodeling projects, and those exterior projects that do not change the size, cubic content or building footprint are exempt from site plan requirements. Although site plans according to these provisions are not required for such accessory uses or other remodeling or interior projects, it does not imply that such uses are exempt from the zoning permit process and any site drawings or plans required of the zoning permit application.


Section 14.2. SCALE.

All site plans shall be drawn at a scale that legibly shows and accurately depicts the proposed improvements, but not less than 1” = 100’. The site plan shall be submitted with a zoning permit application. Two (2) copies of the site plan shall be submitted with the zoning permit application.



The site plan shall include the following legal information:

  • Owner’s name, date of application and legal description of property to be improved.
  • Appellant’s name, requested land use and zoning.
  • If the appellant is other than the legal owner, the appellant’s interest shall be indicated and the legal owners’ authority to appeal shall be submitted in a certified legal form.


Section 14.4. SITE PLAN.

The site plan shall include and clearly illustrate the following information:

  • Property boundary lines, dimensions and total area.
  • If substantial topographic change is proposed, contour lines at intervals of not more than one feet (1’) may be requested by the Zoning Administrator.
  • The availability and location of existing utilities, if requested by the Zoning Administrator.
  • The proposed location, size, shape and type of all buildings or structures.
  • The total square feet of all proposed buildings, both individually and collectively.
  • The number of dwelling units, bedrooms, offices, etc.
  • Parking areas, number of parking spaces proposed, and type of surfacing to be used, etc.
  • Walkways, driveways, lighting, walls, fences, signs, monuments, and other man-made structures.
  • Location and type of landscaping to be used for screening purposes shall be illustrated in elevation as well as in the plan, if requested by the Zoning Administrator.
  • Erosion or sediment control plan, and proposed storm water management to be used, if any.
  • Traffic considerations, architectural themes, and any other considerations pertinent to the proposed use may be requested by the Zoning Administrator.

A preliminary site plan may be submitted for preliminary or tentative land use approval, providing, however, that a final site plan shall be submitted, reviewed and approved as being in compliance with the provisions of this ordinance. Such separate plans shall be in substantial agreement with one another as to both design and quantities. A survey of property may be ordered by the Zoning Administrator if the current lot lines are in question or in doubt of location. In the event of an ordered survey, all four or more lot pins that are required for a lot must be located by a certified land surveyor and clearly marked. No zoning permit will be issued until all required action has been taken.

Sample Site Plan


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